10 Great Websites For The Thinking Woman

There is also a timeline of dates and facts, videos and both written and quotable work from these incredible women. The writing here is international in flavor and they specialize in art and book reviews. Easy to navigate drop-down links detail everything from the arts and history to politics and education to health and the environment. In it women can find tips, testimonies, advice and articles that are sure to set business ideas on firm ground. Braveheart Women boasts many celebrity members including Maya Angelou and a very active Mariel Hemingway. This website covers a lot of ground. They also encourage career advancement for women in both the medical and scientific professions.



BellaOnline is the second largest women’s website on the Internet and prides itself on its supportive and encouraging community. was founded in 1998 when being a female geek was still questionable as an asset. Times have changed and this website is an intelligent tribute to that. Membership is free.


With 23 million unique visitors per month, BlogHer.com is a powerhouse for women bloggers and social media networking. Women at BlogHer are not afraid to speak their minds about everything from politics to pregnancy. With over an impressive 20 million pageviews per month, BellaOnline ensures their content is high-quality and trustworthy. It is titled “300 Women Who Changed The World”. There are also helpful links on where to get certification and plenty of great reading material to explore.






http://www.girlgeeks.org/about/history.shtml. Seniorwomen.com covers a variety of interesting topics and emphasize community and connectivity. Members can join communities with like-minded women from around the world. Visitors can access the Job Board and the Resume Database where influential companies like Dell and Microsoft have a presence. It is a must-stop website for the thinking woman. She Takes On The World is called the “Home of Successful Women” and has recently won the Blog of the Year award at the Stevies. Don’t forget to check out their excellent videos.

Seniorwomen.com celebrates the wisdom of aging women though the site has visitors ranging in age from their 30′s to their 80′s. Their motto is “Life Well Said”.


Canadian Natalie MacNeil who is an award-winning entrepreneur is the brainchild of this comprehensive blog. Writers there cover a variety of subject matter from books and music to news and politics. Other subjects available are sports, books, cheers and jeers, business, retirement and aging. Every year Braveheart Women sponsors an enormous get together called RISE. You won’t want to overlook this site.


Women News Network (WNN) offers in-depth international women’s news not found in ordinary media coverage. Here you can find lively conversation with information savvy writers and readers. The site itself welcomes contributions from writers around the globe. It is a publishing platform for women and by women. Visitors can check out the biographies of influential women throughout history and around the world. Established in 1991, the Office on Women’s Health strives to educate both consumers and the medical establishment about health issues facing women today. Easy to navigate links lead the visitor to the various topics on offer.



Braveheart Women considers itself a social networking site for women but it’s so much more than that. This website discusses career choices, money and business, lifestyle and social media and marketing. Its purpose is to inspire women into action in the business world, media and community. They pride themselves in bringing excellent writers together with discerning readers. This is a comprehensive website worth exploring.





GirlGeeks.org. Each year the team at BlogHer sponsors a popular conference gathering bloggers in different genres. They consider themselves “The Voice of Women” and they really are.

This website is part of Encyclopedia Britannica’s Profiles series. government website packed full of information. It includes news pertaining to women both broadly and with focus. This detailed site leaves no stone unturned. Here is where professional women gather and form groups to inspire, encourage and empower. You can read wonderful inspirational blogs or write your own. Their top-notch journalistic style has earned them ample recognition and awards. There’s video coverage of events relevant to women. Their writers have won several awards including the Garden Writer’s Association Garden Globe Awards. This is a comprehensive website concerning the status of women worldwide.




This is a U.S. There are tips for new mothers, young adults, people with disabilities and seniors. Links are plentiful and can take you to regional and state offices as well as providing women with numerous helpful resources. Not only do they offer a community for technologically savvy women but provide several useful tools as well. Handy links provide insightful information about these women’s accomplishments, where and when they lived and other significant issues. Reader feedback is always welcome. There are links to breaking news, opinion pieces, book reviews and videos. Founded by playwright and humanitarian journalist Lys Anzia, WNN’s motto is “Educate a woman – Educate the world”. They explore global issues related to women. Their goal is to address health care for women through prevention, research and innovative programs. Women’s eNews is always up-to-date and is vigilant when it comes to discussing women’s issues

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