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Raymond Lopez (15th) has introduced a measure that would open the doors for video gambling machines in Chicago, but would let aldermen to ban the machines from particular places, or complete wards.. I dont assume thats superior for the kind of city we want to have, he mentioned.

This ordinance calls for a $1,000 licensing fee per machine, and based on what is at the moment allowable by the state, minus any kind of moratorium, we would be hunting at about $16 to $17 million just in licensing charges alone, he stated.

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Nonetheless, Mayor Rahm Emanuel promptly shot down the thought soon after Wednesdays City Council meeting. He mentioned a single location for gambling in Chicago would be better, so anybody opposed to gambling can very easily steer clear of it.

Ald. I dont want to see it spread all through the city of Chicago. He stated hes unequivocally opposed to the thought of video gaming in Chicago.

The mayor mentioned he does assistance a casino in Chicago, but mentioned he doesnt want video gambling machines spread across the city. Lopez said every aldermen could make a decision no matter whether to permit video gambling in his or her ward, but he mentioned it must be legal, and could bring in income for the money-strapped city.

CHICAGO (CBS) A freshman Chicago alderman has presented a new proposal to let video gambling all through a great deal of the city, but its possibilities for passage appear limited.

As a city, if were going to have gaming, I assume it should really be an isolated, or in a central location like a casino

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Amelia Woodward

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