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In February, Chinese insurer Sunshine Insurance Group agreed to purchase the hotel portion of the building from Starwood Capital Group for over $230 million.

Details include coyote-skin armchairs and 15,000 pieces of crystal stemware

Step inside NYC’s new Baccarat hotel: PHOTOS

French Crystal maker Baccarat launched its hospitality branch this spring with the Baccarat Hotel Residences New York in Midtown, and now you can see the lavish interior decoration.

Details in the 114-room property, which is owned by Tribeca Associates and Starwood Capital Group, include 17 custom chandeliers, coyote-skin armchairs, silk-lined walls, and 15,000 pieces of crystal stemware. Room rates start at $899 per night, Business Insider reported.

April 22, 2015 03:55PM

Earlier this month, a full-floor condo in the residential portion sold for $20 million. [Business Insider] – Tess Hofmann

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Amelia Woodward

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