At the end of the day he did do wrong and he’s been fined and banned.


But O’Brien, one of few top players to speak out after the alleged match-fixing scandal rocked the sport, believes Higgins was lucky not to be banned for longer.

“I was very surprised with the punishment, I’m sure he’s very relieved.

And the world No 46 doesn’t yet know who he will play in the first round with a live random draw set to take place tomorrow at 2pm.

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O’Brien flew out to Glasgow yesterday to play in the new 12Bet.com World Open at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, which starts today and finishes on September 26.

But the former British Open champion just hopes he can quickly find his feet in the short format, with all matches now the best-of-five frames and played on a one-table format in the main arena.

“I’m looking forward to whoever I play. I’m just hoping to enjoy my match,” he added.

“They’ll be a few players who moan about it [the format], but I think there’s definitely room for a tournament like this. There’s a bit of prestige for a lot of the players because it’s a onetable format and on TV, I’m just hoping I can play well and have a good run.”


IRISH potter Fergal O’Brien revealed he was surprised three-time world champion John Higgins wasn’t banned from snooker for longer.. Former world No 1 Higgins was found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute and accordingly banned for six months and fined pounds 75,000 plus pounds 10,000 costs.

“That’s going to hurt John, but hopefully he can come back stronger from this and get on with his career.”


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“I like John Higgins, but in all honesty I thought he was going to get banned for a couple of years at least,” revealed O’Brien.

SURPRISED Fergal O’Brien SUSPENDED John Higgins has been banned for six months

“They could have thrown the book at him

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