How to get rich betting the 2015 Belmont Stakes

Here is a list of ways for bettors to possibly get rich betting on the Belmont Stakes in 2015.

1. To win a superfecta bet you must pick the first four finishers in a race in exact order.

Almost all those times involve instances where a bettor bet a huge sum of money on a heavy favorite to show and heavy favorite ran out of the money. Even if American Pharoah wins the race, the superfecta still offers the best shot to make good money for a small wager especially if longshots run underneath Pharoah.

Three of those failed Triple Crown horses were trained by Bob Baffert, the trainer of American Pharoah. I’m happy to say I bet $10 on Da’Tara to win and cashed a nice $395.00 win ticket on him.

The thinking is the heavy favorite is almost certain to run first, second or third in a race and the show bet provides a bettor some comfort since the horse can still lose the race but come in second or third. This will happen on occasion because a show bet is guaranteed to pay at least a 5% return. When one of those Baffert horses, War Emblem in 2002, failed to win the Belmont, another horse named Sarava won and he paid a Belmont Stakes record $142.50 to win for each $2 winning ticket bet on him.

Since 2002, eight of the 13 Belmont Stakes races had superfecta payouts over $10,000 for each $2 winning bet. But there are times in racing when making a show bet can pay off spectacularly well.

American Pharoah is going into the 2015 Belmont Stakes as a heavy favorite to win the race and the Triple Crown. That includes $74,052 (2011), $48,637 (2008), $47,309 (2008), $14,249 (2005), $11,679 (2004), $11,467 (2014), and $10,658 (2010). Bet against American Pharoah

Keep in mind that all money bet on a horse race is at risk with no guarantees. The odds are that you will not get rich betting the Belmont Stakes in 2015, but it is possible.

Nine times since the trifecta bet was introduced in the Belmont some 25 years ago or so, the winning ticket has paid over $3,000 for just a $2 bet.

To win a trifecta bet, you have to have the first three finishers in a race in exact order. However, when someone bets a huge sum of money on a heavy favorite to show, and the heavy favorite runs out of the money (4th or worse) all that money bet on the heavy favorite to show gets paid out to the three horses that ran first, second or third.

Because all the money bet into a show pool has to be paid out to three different horses (winner, second and third place) the show bet usually does not pay all that great and normally I would not recommend anyone bet to show. Bet to show if someone bets a ton of money to show on American Pharoah

In 2008, Big Brown was going for the Triple Crown and he was upset by a horse named Da’Tara who paid $79.000 when he wired the Belmont field. Long after the race had gone official at the European track and the next race had already been run, Philly Park finally posted their results and I was paid $70 for my show bet. If you bet to show and your horse wins or comes in second or third you win the show bet.

Last year, California Chrome was a heavy favorite in the Belmont to win the race and the Triple Crown but he failed and Tonalist won the race and paid $20.40. Since 1978, when Affirmed won the Triple Crown, 12 horses entered the Belmont starting gate with a chance to win the Triple Crown and all 12 failed.

How to get rich betting the 2015 Belmont Stakes

In order to win a show bet the horse you bet on has to win the race or come in second or third. There were two payouts in 2008 also due to a dead-heat.

4. That seemed incredibly light to me for the bet considering there was over $2,500 in the show pool and if I had been at Philly Park I would have complained but I did not feel like driving from Freehold to Philly and took the $70.

Good luck to American Pharoah and all the horses in the 2015 Belmont Stakes but especially good luck to all the bettors in the race!. There was only about $2,500 in the show pool, but one horse had nothing bet on him to show near post-time so I plunked $2 to show on him.

In 1962, a heavily favored horse named Carry Back failed in his Triple Crown bid in the Belmont and a horse named Sherluck won the race and paid $132.10 for each winning $2 ticket.

In any case, keep an eye on the show pool for the 2015 Belmont Stakes. Even more important, Tonalist keyed some pretty big exotic payouts listed below.

My horse ran third and only had my $2 bet on him to show. Bet the superfecta

A friend of mine once cashed a $125.00 show bet when a heavy favorite ran out of the money and someone had placed a $100,000 bet on the heavy favorite to show. If some billionaire decides to make a quick 5% on his money and plunks down millions on American Pharoah to show it could create a situation where show bets pay out a lot if American Pharoah runs out of the money.

When Tonalist won the Belmont last year, he keyed a superfecta that paid $11,467.00 for each winning $2 bet (he also keyed a $7,616.00 superfecta as California Chrome and Wicked Strong dead-heated for fourth creating two payouts). One day at Freehold about 15 years ago, I bet a European race being simulcast through Philly Park. Bet the trifecta

2. Last year when California Chrome failed as the favorite, the trifecta paid $6,781.00 for each winning $2 bet.

When California Chrome failed to win the Belmont last year as the heavy favorite, he opened the door to some pretty nice exotic payouts including the superfecta which made some bettors a good amount of money. The trifecta is easier to win than the superfecta and almost always pays less but it still offers bettors a great chance to make a lot of money for a very small wager.

In 2002, the Belmont Stakes trifecta paid a record $25,209 for each winning $2 ticket. In the 2004 Belmont, Birdstone upset a heavily favored Triple Crown favorite in Smarty Jones and paid $74.00 to win.

Betting the superfecta offers bettors the best opportunity to make a lot of money with small wagers in the 2015 Belmont Stakes especially if American Pharoah does not win. So if someone wants to make 5% on say a $100,000 bet ($5,000 in less than minute) they might look for a heavy favorite in a race and place the show bet on that favorite.

3. In 2002, when War Emblem failed and Sarava won the Belmont, the superfecta paid a Belmont Stakes record $145,334.00 for each winning $2 ticket.

The Belmont Stakes, the third leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown, will take place on June 6, 2015, at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York

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