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In 2011, $2.88 billion was legally wagered in Nevada’s sports books; the National Gambling Impact Study Commission (NGISC) estimated that illegal wagers are as much as $380 billion annually.”

An infogrpahic released on Thursday, Sept. Twenty-five percent of males between 14-22 have placed a wager every month, with the NFL being the largest amongst the age group. The Super Bowl and NCAA March Madness tournament are two of the largest payouts in the United States.

As the niche of sports betting continues to rise in worldwide popularity, there appears to be no limit to the amount of money and effort put into the interest. Straight bets, or those that simply choose the winner, propositional bets, parlays, and future wagers are all among the top etting types. There are head-to-head bets, as well as totalizators, progressive parlays and “if” bets which have each grown in popularity.

While many of the gamblers within the United States are full-grown adults, there are many college students who take part in the activity as well. The act of placing wagers on sporting outcomes has been popular for some time amongst friends and work betting pools, however, the growth in casinos and online has grown to huge unprecedented levels.

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The infographic showed that several kinds of bets are placed most often. 1 sport in the United States. And 3% had even placed wagers within the last day. 19 by Top Betting Action detailed that information showing that college students are betting regularly on sporting events.

Based on the infographic, 65% of all Americans have gambled on sports at least once, while 30% have gambled on sports within the last year. A tally of 44% of all 12th grade males have wagered at least once on sports.. An additional 80% of high school students bet as well, though many are not legal gambling and is often amongst friends. Top Betting Action has created a new infographic that is now showing just how the growth of sports betting is thriving.

The American Gaming Association stated “Overall, Nevada’s legal sports wagering represents less than 1% of all sports betting nationwide. The betting types all depended upon the individual, and spanned every sport from baseball to football, basketball to hockey, with horse racing being one of the most popular to bet on.

Other than poker, sports gambling is the No. Nearly 67% of college students have bet in one way or another on sports. Another 15% of individuals have gambled once within the past month

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