Jacob Streak, Cold Deck, Can Streaming Save Poker?

Jacob appeared in the semi-final round final evening against two seemingly equally talented former champs and tore by means of them like they had been barely there.

The newest poker=driven release to hit screens, Cold Deck, is a fairly secure bet to drift into somewhat obscurity (it is going straight to video) but on initially glance does not appear like a waste of your time, either. Check the trailer beneath and appear for it on VOD Dec. 1:

three) Can Reside Streaming Save the Poker Industry?

That is the query writer Cameron Tung asks in a new piece in The New Yorker this week which, effectively, brings up a couple of inquiries itself.

He’s now on to the final round beginning Thursday where he’ll most likely square off with fellow favorite Matt Jackson.

He rolled to a risk-free of charge Final Jeopardy! round exactly where he got the question wrong but got in a single of the funniest inside jokes in the history of the show in alternatively.

For starters, we guess, does the poker market have to have “saving” at all?

Speaking of streams of a various sort, we know just what might save our Wednesday from the doldrums as there is a money game reside stream from Dawn Till Dusk in Nottingham underway with Sam Trickett and additional. Watch below!

This year’s Mississippi Grind, with Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendelsohn, is a solid film but hasn’t really grabbed the imagination of the poker crowd adequate to put it in the “essential poker film” canon.

Pretty superior piece worth a study.

We anticipate it to be a clash of the Jeopardy! titans.

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The piece centers around Jason Somerville and his developing Twitch empire and by all suggests hits the nail on the head when it comes to the want for on line poker legalization in the States and the parallel path of the DFS business.

Check the recap of his semi-final performance here and tune in Thursday for the major finish.

Trust us on this. It’s a joy!

2) Cold Deck Straight to VOD

Every single couple of years we go via a cycle of anticipating the “next wonderful poker movie” and, until Rounders 2 comes out, we’ll most likely remain with out an heir to the Rounders throne.

Arguably, though, the genuine question is not whether or not poker wants to be “saved” per se but what shape the future of the sector will take in the face of the drag of 5 years of political confusion.

Now in the 3-Bet we obtain Alex Jacob tearing a blue streak by means of Jeopardy!, a new poker film goes VOD and The New Yorker asks if Twitch can “save” poker.

1) Jacob Romps to ToC Final

You may be tired of us mentioning former poker pro Alex Jacob’s tear via American game show Jeopardy!’s Tournament of Champions but we assure you it is not tiresome to watch him play.

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