Juventus ties Fiorentina 0-0 for Week 5 of Serie A – National Football

Even so, the Old Lady, whether playing good or bad, always manages to come up on top, so far this season.

Fiorentina outshot the Bianconeri 17 to 8, but the Violetas lacked the offensive depth in the end. They are not catchable by any team for the rest of week 5 in the Serie A championship.

Stevan Jovetic, striker for the Violetas, smacked a header into the crossbar, and other striker Adem Ljajic lost a one on one with the keeper.

Juventus was also saved when their Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal swept Manuel Pasqual in the box. This was the worst game for Juventus so far in the season. The results showed that the offensive power needed to be stronger for the Violetas.

As for the Violetas (the Purples) or the Florence team, they added up their 8th point and sit pretty in 5th place in the Italian league.

At the Franchi de Florencia Stadium, Fiorentina and Juventus tied 0-0 in a very emotional game in which the local team dominated on Tuesday afternoon.

The Bianconeri (Juvi) will maintain their leadership in the Italian league with the tie, which gives the club 13 points. The referee did not call the foul which could have been a penalty for the Violetas.

Amelia Woodward

Amelia Woodward

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Amelia Woodward

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