Robben Salyers Chopra Center Certification in Yoga and Primordial Sound Meditation. ELI,MP.

 Then you will receive a comprehensive 45 minute debrief that will go over the report in detail and suggest development strategies to become a more Energetic Leader.  The price for the Energy Leadership Index Assesment is $187.00

Are You Living To Your Fullest Potential? Expert

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is an extremely unique assessment that effectively measures your energetic impact on yourself and the world around you.  Most of what keeps us from being truly gifted leaders are our own past experiences, beliefs and behaviors that hold you back…  diplomats and dignitaries in Europe and Central America.  In addition to 13+ years of entrepreneurial experience leading to publication in regional and national trade magazines.

Take the assessment yourself online and receive a full report on the results.

Standard Self-Assessment & Debrief

Your level of engagement in many areas of your life – both personal AND professional

Your level of awareness

Your level of ability to effectively lead others.


Leadership goes well beyond the walls of corporate America – it’s the small business owner, sales professional, entrepreneurs, parents, teachers, as well as others who interact with people on an everyday basis.  The Energy Leadership Index is about helping you to become a more engaging leader.

Robben being the Founder of Be Complete America, also is a Chopra Center certified yoga and meditation instructor who brings a diverse background to his practice including 13 years of military experience providing personal security to U.S.    

At Be Complete America we help others discover who they are, what they want and what their purpose in life is.

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For more information about Be Complete America or if you would like to speak to him about stress management, meditation or another need you may have, then – please feel free to contact Mr. but that doesn’t have to be!

Are You Living To Your Fullest Potential?

As an avid body builder, he understands dedication having just begun his physical transformation in 2004,  then competing and placing as an amateur at the national level the following year.


Robben’s passion for meditation, yoga, and bodybuilding, incorporates everything for which he stands: strength, flexibility, balance in life, physical and mental health, and stress free living.  In today’s emvironment we need strong leaders more than ever.  The assessment measures three specific things:

Robben Salyers Quick Facts

Main Areas: Core Coaching, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Life Balance.

Career Focus: Speaker, Business owner, Personal/Professional coach

Affiliation: Be Complete America, Chopra Center, iPEC Coaching

Robben M. Salyers 

Founder of Be Complete America, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner/ELI-MP/Institute of Professional Coaching, Yoga and Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor/Chopra Center For Wellbeing.

Call (612) – 396 – 3573

As a certified scuba diver, Robben is committed to the protection and preservation of the world’s coral reefs and aquatic life.

Are you an Energetic Leader?  Leadership is not just a talent you’re born with or not. Salyers at:

Robben is currently writing a book dedicated to men’s health and spiritual well-being.

612-396-3573.  Leadership is something that can be learned, enhanced and energized.  The assessment itself takes about 20 minutes to do online

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Amelia Woodward

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