Should Daniel Levy step down?

Vand Der Vaart was slow and old and we made 2m off the transferoh wasn’t HE signed in the January window ?

Transfer policy stupid ? really were buy 100m worth of players and finish 5m up ? we are the only club that in the last 10 years has finished in the black every year bar 2 seasons.

How have they ? because we have signed a bunch of young players that have the potential to be great and they haven’t delivered in their first season ? Ok Soldado has been a disappointment but the others all have been bought in as long tern investments. Sturridge was approached (twice) Chelsea wouldn’t sell to u. seeing as we have a tiny ar5ed ground I think that is pretty bloody good.

We have each year we gain more points than the last.

Harry was justified the door he bottled it when he was needed.

You clearly are a moron and seeing as this section is populated by morons and you are a Spurs fan please don’t slurry out semi decent name and NEVER darken this section again. . Levy WANTED Suarez he WANTED to sign but it was good old Arry that said he wasn’t needed.

Faccck you Egg you know facck all you bigot, Harry did sod all bought one over priced DMF and passed on signing alot of talent because he would rather have players like Scott Parker at the club than quality.

Faccck Me

“Over the last 3/4 seasons we should have increased and progressed”

“Summer 2013s transfer activity will prove to be disastrous”

No we are a small club, he has been busting his ar5e since he arrived to get a bigger ground that and that alone will ensure we go forward as more gate receipts means bigger wages, which means a better quality of player

Amelia Woodward

Amelia Woodward

Hopefully you will now be less likely to fall for a system that doesn't work. There are systems that can and will bring you rewards but it is imperative that you know what you are buying first.
Amelia Woodward

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