Soccer Star Luis Suarez Surprises Young Cancer Patient With Emotional Video Call

When the conversation begins, the patient speaks to Suarez, whose face is hidden from the screen. “But of the ones I play with. If you are good do what the doctors say, I promise to [give] you [a jersey],” Suarez says, according to the video’s translation.

Their interaction is nothing short of magical.

The soccer player praised Mateo for his bravery and even offered to give the boy one of his jerseys, saying, “Let’s make a deal.

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H/T Metro

Fundación Pérez Scremini, a foundation that aims to fight childhood cancer, uploaded a video this week featuring the F.C. Barcelona forward surprising Mateo, a young fan from Uruguay who was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, according to the video’s subtitles. Not from the store.”

Luis Suarez may have a fierce reputation on the field, but when he’s not playing soccer, he can be a pretty compassionate guy.

In the video, Mateo sits down for a video call, thinking he’ll be speaking with a Spanish doctor for a consultation.

You may not be Suarez’s biggest fan, but after watching this video, you’ll admit that what he did was incredibly moving.. Mateo is still unaware of the athlete’s true identity. But at the 1:30 mark, Suarez finally reveals his face and let’s just say Mateo’s reaction made our eyes start raining

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Amelia Woodward

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