Top 10 Best Basketball Players of All Time

Laney in Wilmington, North Carolina

College: University of North Carolina

Draft: Chicago Bulls, 1st round (3rd pick, 3rd overall), 1984 NBA Draft

NBA Debut: October 26, 1984

Hall of Fame: Inducted as Player in 2009. He defies the law of gravity by launching way off the usual distance while making a dunk.

Height: 6-6

Alias: “Air Jordan”,”MJ”

Michael Jordan is a living legend in basketball. He is also infamous because of his fade-away shot which is virtually impossible to block. This above all made him deserving to be considered as the best NBA player of all time.

Weight: 195 lbs. Michael Jordan is an all-around player. And of course, Air Jordan never fails his countless fans worldwide. Every time he had the ball, audiences were all at the edge of their seats since they knew something great will surely happen. He will always play at full gear in every game. Michael Jordan exerts every possible effort he can give just to achieve his goals.

Born: February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York

High School: Emsley A. Michael Jordan manifested exceptional talent in handling the ball and driving straight towards the basket despite being guarded by among the best defenders in NBA.

Position: Guard-Forward

Full Name: Michael Jeffrey Jordan

He played a big role during the Chicago Bulls NBA domination. Probably one of the best features of Michael Jordan aside from his innate talent in basketball is his attitude towards the game

Amelia Woodward

Amelia Woodward

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