U.S. Tomahawk Missiles Deployed Near China Send Message. Is this considered a threat to the Chinese government ?

A new class of U.S. In all, the Chinese military awoke to find as many as 462 new Tomahawks deployed by the U.S. superweapon had suddenly surfaced nearby.

. Ohio popped up in the Philippines’ Subic Bay. Navy has been dispatching modified “boomers” to who knows where (they do travel underwater, after all). Florida surfaced, also on the same day, at the joint U.S.-British naval base on Diego Garcia, a flyspeck of an island in the Indian Ocean. Michigan arrived in Pusan, South Korea, on the same day. But the Tomahawk-outfitted quartet carries a weapon that the U.S. But this one was different: for nearly three years, the U.S. It was an Ohio-class submarine, which for decades carried only nuclear missiles targeted against the Soviet Union, and then Russia. Four of the 18 ballistic-missile subs no longer carry nuclear-tipped Trident missiles. And the Klaxons would have maxed out as the U.S.S. military has used repeatedly against targets in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq and Sudan. The 14 Trident-carrying subs are useful in the unlikely event of a nuclear Armageddon, and Russia remains their prime target. Instead, they hold up to 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles each, capable of hitting anything within 1,000 miles with non-nuclear warheads. U.S.S. (See pictures of the U.S. in its neighborhood. “There is no doubt that China will stand up and take notice.”

If China’s satellites and spies were working properly, there would have been a flood of unsettling intelligence flowing into the Beijing headquarters of the Chinese navy last week.

Source : http://news.yahoo.com/

Their capability makes watching these particular submarines especially interesting. “There’s been a decision to bolster our forces in the Pacific,” says Bonnie Glaser, a China expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. military in the Pacific.)

That’s why alarm bells would have sounded in Beijing on June 28 when the Tomahawk-laden 560-ft. More alarms were likely sounded when the U.S.S

Amelia Woodward

Amelia Woodward

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