Underneath the Millennial Mom Part 1 – National Parenting Issues

These moms turn to their mobile devices to look up recipes (76%), manage finances (69%), and search for parenting advice (76%) monthly. Despite parenting pressures, Millennial Moms say their parenting style is loving (96%), encouraging (92%), supportive (90%), and involved (87%). 49%), worried (38% vs. When asked about their own upbringing, Millennial Moms are more likely than Gen X moms to say that their parents were protective (63% vs. The article explained that ‘the Millennial Mother is ‘more than you think she is.’ The Report issued displayed the Millennial Mom’s four qualities, in which the first two will be discerned more completely today. 39%).

“Millennial Moms are clearly reacting to the way they were raised,” says Fogarty. Stay tuned!

Yesterday it was revealed that on Thursday, January 30th, BabyCenter® revealed their latest profile; this time regarding the Millennial Mom. 25%). The result is a highly integrated life, where ‘we time’ is best served with regular doses of ‘me time.’”

· Not her mother: meaning that this new age of mothers, products of helicopter parenting, have decidedly agreed to take a more relaxed approach to mothering. However, when asked about their own parenting style, Millennial Moms say they are fun (88% vs.

· Digitally connected: These mothers spend a daily average of 8.3 hours consuming media; going so far as to stream video or utilizing their smartphone or tablet to go online. A Millennial is:

Millennial Moms are also socially nimble: They over-index against Gen X moms across all social media platforms and are more likely to experiment with emerging social networks. They also use them to listen to music and watch online videos and movies on a daily basis.

The latest generation of mothers are digital natives. Additionally, Millennial Moms have a preference for all portable devices compared to Gen Xers. As an example, Gen X mothers used an actual camera whereas Millennial Moms whip out their portable device to take and share photos and videos. They are very comfortable using technology, including apps, to manage their lives and get more accomplished in less time. 26%), and enabling (34% vs. 82% of Gen X moms), forgiving (87% vs. According to a Pew Research Center report on Millennials, overall it was discovered that 52% say being a good parent is “one of the most important things” in life (24% higher than Gen X) while only 30% say the same about having a successful marriage (14% lower than Gen X).

“Millennial Moms – and dads too, for that matter – are placing a higher importance on parenting than previous generations,” says Fogarty. They reject the pressure they grew up with.”. Compared to Gen X, Millennial Moms are 30% more likely to have used Tumblr, 167% more likely to have used Vine, and over three times as likely to have used Snapchat.

These moms have proven to put more of an emphasis on being a good mother and less emphasis on having a successful marriage. The study found that Millennial Moms’ top five favorite apps are Facebook, Instagram, BabyCenter, Pinterest, and Pandora.

Tomorrow will conclude our look at the BabyCenter 2014 Report findings, finishing with the last two discoveries about Millennial Moms. “They’re creating an environment for their kids that’s more laid back and less structured, and they feel more relaxed and happy as parents. According to the study, the Millennial Mom toolkit includes laptops (83%), smartphones (81%), and streaming TV subscriptions (53%). “But they also won’t give up the individuality that’s a hallmark of Millennials. The Millennials simply utilize their portable devises as a daily tool although both generations of mothers own the devices. 77%), relaxed (59% vs 48%), and aspirational (49% vs

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